№1(99) 2018

Science and Innovation-driven Development of Economy and Society

The Memorandum to A.V. Parubiy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, “The Need for Urgent Measures for Rehabilitation of the Scientific Potential in Ukraine”
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 3-7
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Development of Science and Technology Potential

Bulkin I.А.
Paradoxes of Foreign Financing of Science and Technology Activities in Ukraine. Part I
Language: Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 8-29
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Porev S.M.
What Has the Ukrainian Legislation Proposed to Management for Research Quality?
Language: English
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 30-42
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Kavunenko L.F., Velenteychik T.N., Chernogaeva O.G.
A Bibliographic Study of the Scientific Activities of Outstanding Ukrainian Researchers in Science Policy
Language: Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 43-60
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Foreign science

Vashulenko A.C.
Foreign Practices of Work with Scientific Youth: The Case of Young Academies
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 61-72
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Tsilibina V.M.
Forecasts of the Global Energy Market Development
Language: Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 73-91
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Science and technology history

Doronina H.А., Luhovskiy О.H., Mushkalo Yu.І., Khramov Yu.О.
Creating the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kyiv in 1918: Chronology of Events
Language: Ukrainian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 92-113
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Balyshev М.А.
The Life and Scientific Work of Praskovia Parkhomenko, a Ukrainian Astronomer: A Historical and Biographical Study
Language: Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 114-137
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Ukrainian Archives

An overview of the origins of the Institute for Semiconductor Physics in 1956–1957
Language: Ukrainian-Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 138-157
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Chronicles of scientific life

The 2nd Congress of Scientists of the Republic of Belarus
International Symposium “The 100th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: the Past and the Present”

Language: Ukrainian-Russian
Nauka naukozn. 2018, 1(99): 158-170
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