Fundamentals of the theory of reforming sciences

Article language: Russian

Nauka i naukovedenie 2019(2) 119-129

After five years of reforming, science is entering a new stage of transformation. The liquidation of the FANO, which irritated scientists so much, the separation of the Ministry of Education and Science and the appearance on the basis of the FANO of the new Ministry of Science and Higher Education, portends next extraordinary decisions that will even more change the nature of the work of scientists and scientific institutes. The transitional organizational period is now ending. The semi-annual lull indicates, on the one hand, the intense work of bureaucratic thought, and on the other, about certain difficulties associated with the empirical nature of the strategies developed and the concepts formulated. To help reformers, Novaya Gazeta offers a theoretical framework to facilitate the compilation of Susanin roadmaps of Russian science, advanced forms of hyper-reporting, and innovative pseudo-systemic restructuring schemes. Good luck to you, dear reorganizers! There are things so serious that you can talk about them only jokingly. Niels BOR

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