Nauka naukozn. 2017, 2(96): 69-81

Section: Development of Science and Technology Potential
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Despite the recognized importance of innovation as a key factor that ensures the development of both individual enterprises and the country as a whole, the main aspects of innovation in the tourism industry remain insufficiently studied and need to be clarified. The article contains a review of various scientific approaches to definition of the term «innovation in tourism», to classifying innovations and evaluating the innovation activity of enterprises, to find out their applicability in the tourism industry. The author’s review of the literature sources allows for outlining the features of innovations in tourism, originating from their service character and the focus on improving interactions with consumer, for the best possible satisfaction of consumer needs, and for determining their role in increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in the tourism industry.

Keywords: innovation, tourism, tourism industry, innovation in the tourism, innovation activities in tourism, benchmarking, Community Innovation Survey.


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