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1 National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine
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Nauka naukozn. 2017, 4(98):  84-97

Section: Science and Education
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Organizational, financial, personnel characteristics of the modern global research area are analyzed. Eight countries in the world are the biggest investors of financial and human resources in research and development (R&D): the US, China, Japan, Germany, Korea, France, UK, and Russia. The US has the intermediate position by the ratio of business and government sector’s contribution in R&D financing, and also by the university sector as R&D performer (13 %). The share of the university sector in the expenditures on R&D is usually no higher than a quarter, being the largest for Western European universities, and the lowest for East Asian ones. In the US, China, Germany, France and other European countries various out-of-university academic forms for performing R&D are well established. The total absorption of research institutions by universities is impossible due to mission differences. The national research area in Ukraine has been in crisis because of underfunding, with the academies of sciences remaining its institutional core. To enhance the research and innovation capacity of domestic universities, it is necessary to overcome their fragmentation, increase the share of their R&D budgets, strength the dual «teaching and research» function of research and lecturing staff.

Keywords: global research area, research and development, the university sector, non-university academic sector, funding, researchers.


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