Article review

All manuscripts (articles) submitted to “Science and Science of Science” journal must be reviewed. Exceptions are materials in the sections “From the Archives of Ukraine”, “Chronicle of Scientific Life” and “Reviews”. The decision to publish is made by the Editorial Board of the journal.

Scientific articles that correspond the thematic focus of the journal and design requirements are allowed for a review. Detailed design requirements for the manuscript (s) are posted on the journal’s website: The total review time of the manuscript (article) varies from 2 to 6 weeks.

Manuscripts are reviewed confidentially following the double blind review principle (the reviewer does not know the name of the author (s); the author (s) does not know the name of the reviewer).

The Editor-in-Chief of the journal or the Deputy Editor-in-Chief appoints the reviewers of the articles. The Editor-in-Chief may delegate the appointment of reviewers to a member of the Editorial Board or the meeting of the Editorial Board.

Highly qualified specialists in a specific scientific field are involved in conducting a double blind external review of articles. In some cases, reviewers may be chosen among the members of the Editorial Board of the journal.

The final decision on the possibility and expediency to publish scientific articles is made by the Editorial Board of the journal based on reviews received.

The Scientific Council of the Institute approves the publication.

Review procedure

First, Executive Secretary assesses the manuscripts (articles) with regard to the correspondence to the thematic profile of the journal and the design, and submits them to the working group of the Editorial Board for further review.

The manuscript is sent to two reviewers for review.

Within 14 days, the reviewers provide their conclusion on the publication of the manuscript. The deadlines for reviewing the manuscript may vary from case to case, but should not exceed 1 calendar month.

After reviewing the manuscript, the reviewer fills out a standard form (Review Form), which contains the final recommendations and sends it by e-mail to the journal; the editors inform the author of the results of the review.

In case of two positive conclusions, the manuscript is recommended for publication.

In case of one negative and one positive review of the manuscript, the article is submitted to a third reviewer.

In case of two negative conclusions, the manuscript is not recommended for publication. In case of a disagreement of the author (s) with the conclusions of the reviewers, the article is submitted for additional independent review.

If the manuscript requires revision, the author (s) will be sent comments on the article. The revised article, if necessary, can be sent for another review.

The communication between the authors and the reviewers is organized via Executive Secretary of the journal. In some cases, a direct communication between the author and the reviewer is allowed (if it will significantly improve the presentation of the research material) on the consent of both parties.

The comments from the reviewers should be considered by the author (s) and suggested revision made. In case of disagreement, the author (s) should provide their arguments. Along with the revised article, the author should provide a letter with comments on all the changes made in the article.

In case the author (s) disagrees with the opinion of the reviewer (s) and provides a reasoned answer, the working group of the Editorial Board will further consider the manuscript (article) for a final decision.

The Editorial Board of the journal in its work is guided by the rules of scientific ethics in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics and the Code of Ethics of Scientists of Ukraine.