International scientific journal “Science and Science of Science” accepts the articles for publication, which meet the advanced scientific standards by thematic range and research field.

The articles published in the journal shall be subject to review made by members of editorial board and experts in respective fields.

Requirements to contents and format of the articles

Authors are asked to keep with the following rules:

1. The articles shall be accepted, written in Ukrainian, English or Russian. The estimated article size (including images, references and abstracts) is: for theoretical, survey or debatable articles – up to 18 pages (40 000 symbols); for articles devoted to studies of specific problems and their methods – 1014 pages (25 00030 000 symbols); for summary statements, reviews, chronicles etc. – 24 pages.

2. Electronic version of the article shall be delivered on floppy disk or sent by e-mail (

3. The article shall contain the following required components: problem setting, importance of the subject under study, review of the latest studies and publications, conclusions and future studies in the field.

4. The article shall have:

​ UDC code; key words;

​ abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English (with the attached author’s surname, initials of first name and father’s name; text of the abstracts is not larger than 100 words);

​ author’s details: surname, name, father’s name (in full), place of job, position, scientific degree and title, home or office phone, e-mail.

5. Numerical data should possibly be presented in table form, without duplicating in the text. Tables should to be compact, with title and sequential number.

6. Graph form of data presentation should be used to the minimal extent. Images (graphs or diagrams) must be clear. Images should be built in the simplest possible form. Graphs or diagrams should not be overloaded with legends. Image size must not exceed the size of a printed page. Use of figures and table for explanation or interpretation of the same these is not recommended.

7. Acronyms for words or word combinations are not welcome, except for commonly accepted acronyms for measures and terminology.

8. The list of references shall be made by the national standards, and by the order of references in the text. References to unpublished information are not allowed.

9. The article must be thoroughly verified by the author (authors), especially formulas and citations. The articles, if not verified and formatted in the proper manner, are not accepted by editors.

10. Responsibility for the authenticity of data (selection and accuracy of facts, citations, statistics, names and surnames, place-names etc.) and the disclosure of data that are not entitled for open publications is taken by the authors.