The journal “Science and Science or Science” publishes original articles and material in Ukrainian and English, not printed earlier in other editions, with the content corresponding to its thematic coverage and the advanced level of research. The articles must be formatted according to the requirements set out below, recommended by reviewers and approved for printing by the editorial board which is committed to the principles of academic fair practice and research ethics.

All the manuscripts (articles) sent to the editorial office shall be subject to review. Exclusions are the material under the headings “Ukrainian archives”, “Chronicles of scientific life” and “Reviews”, which publishing shall be subject to decision of the editorial board.

Once an article is approved for printing by the editorial board, the authors shall sign LICENSE AGREEMENT on the use of work (download). The License Agreement shall be signed by all the coauthors, its signing confirming that they have learnt and agreed with the agreement terms.

The articles intended for publishing in “Science and Science of Science” journal must be formatted according to the above mentioned terms. The articles formatted not in keeping with the above mentioned terms are not accepted for review. The terms set out here are based on the requirements of the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine for specialized editions, and the requirements of foreign databases to which the journal has been or intends to be included.

The publishing in the journal is free.

Research articles and scientific information material published in the journal shall be assigned DOI.

Full online versions of the articles are available on the journal website, and shall be sent to the National V.I. Vernadskyi Library within a month following the date when its printed version is issued.

The articles accepted for printing must be written in Ukrainian or English.

General terms:

The articles should to be possibly provided to the editorial office in printed form, and must be sent in online version: on electronic carrier or by e-mail on the address of the editorial office (e-mail: or the executive secretary
Tetiana Mykolaivna Velenteichyk (e-mail:

Thematic coverage of the articles:

Research articles. A research article must contain results of a certain research. The authors need to investigate a problem, select a research method and discuss the produced results in the context of the existing scientific knowledge pertaining to the problem. This can be research of a certain phenomenon, object or existing knowledge.

Problem-oriented theoretical articles. These articles aim at proposing and discussing conceptual problems by way of logical argumentation. An article devoted to theoretical study of a problem must conform with the thematic coverage of the journal.

Review articles. They highlight existing trends in solutions of vital problems faced by a certain field of the modern science (review of literature on certain scientific problems with due consideration to the results produced in the five years preceding the article submission for review).

Methodical articles. Their authors give a description of a new method or a new modification of a method that they propose (by highlighting vital problems and offering ways of their solutions using techniques or advanced technologies proposed by authors).

Chronical articles. The descriptive articles highlighting certain events of the scientific life can be devoted to anniversaries or other memorial dates and provide historical or reference information. These articles may or may not be attached by abstracts or lists of references, may or may not (by the decision of the editorial board) be assigned DOI.

The estimated volume of articles, together with tables, figures, list of references and abstracts, must be as follows:

research, review and problem-oriented theoretical articles: not more than 50,000 symbols with intervals;

methodical and chronical articles: not more than 40,000 symbols with intervals;

reports, reviews, chronicles (under the heading “Chronicles of scientific life”): not more than 10,000 symbols with intervals.


An article submitted for publishing in the journal must contain:

UDC code;

Author details: initials and surname, scientific degree, position, place of job and address (street with building number, city, postal code, country), e-mail (official personal e-mail is desirable), author’s identifier (preferably ORCID);

Abstracts in Ukrainian, English and Russian, 1,800 to 2,500 symbols;

Keywords in the three languages (5 to 10 words / word combinations);

An article must be structured, with the following subsections: introduction (with description of the topicality of a selected topic or research, substantiation of the need in addressing a certain problem, problem setting, and problem novelty); literature review; novelty of a problem and/or produced results; article objective; research methods and sources; results and discussion; conclusions and prospects of future research;

List of references.

Requirements to article presentation (download)

Examples of presentation of references to literary sources (download)

The article must be carefully verified by the author(s). The responsibility for reliability of information (selection and accuracy of given facts, citations, statistical data, dates, family names, geographic names and other data, as well as disclosure of data not permitted for open publications) shall be taken by the authors.