1 Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2018, 2(100): 111-120

Section: Science and Technology History
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The article highlights the contribution of Borys Hryhorovych Loutskyi, an outstanding engineer, inventor and scientist of Ukrainian descent, to the development of world engine-building, automotive and aircraft industries. Data on applications of his inventions by companies manufacturing transport vehicles and airplanes in the West, the Soviet Union and Ukraine given. The three reasons why the name of Loutskyi has been obliterated in Ukraine until recently are supposed: (i) because he lived mostly in Germany and did not leave heirs or memoirs or archives; (ii) after the revolutionary events in 1917 and coming of bolsheviks to power, Loutskyi, a nobleman by birth, was no longer mentioned in mass media as an alleged emigrant or class enemy; (iii) the varied forms of his surname spelling in foreign sources. Besides that, in Germany where he lived most part of his life, his name regularly appeared in newspapers and journals since the year of 1887 till the advent of Nazis to power, because Loutskyi, in spite of his significant contribution to the development of engines for cars, airplanes, submarines and ships, had alien citizenship and Jewish origin. A rich story of Loutskyi’s collaboration, as an engineer and inventor, with military and maritime departments of the Russian Empire in early 20th century till the beginning of World War I is given.

On the basis of detailed data it could be demonstrated that in late 19 — early 20 century he was one of the most famous designers and inventors in Europe. It is shown that although Germany was the main place of his work as inventor and engineer, he kept offering his projects for implementation at his home country. It is established that for his services to the home country B.G. Loutzkyi was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus in 1903, and in 1906 he was awarded the title of hereditary honorary citizen of the Russian Empire. B.G. Loutzkyi did not take out the citizenship of another state for the rest of his life. After the end of the civil war Loutzkoy was looking for ways to return to his homeland, as he wanted to serve Ukraine not from abroad, but living on his native land.

Keywords: internal combustion engine, engine-building, automotive industry, aircraft industry, engineer.


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