Yugoslav Raykovich is a scientist, historian and sociologist of science

Article language: Russian

Among the many foreign scientists with whom G.M. collaborated Dobrov, his associates and students at the Kiev school of science of science, a special place is occupied by the Serbian scientist Yugoslav Raikovich. Those who knew Y. Raikovich remember him as a talented specialist in the field of science of science, history and the sociology of science, sociable and kind in human relations, independent in scientific discussions, responsible for their actions and deeds. Yu. Raikovich in 1969 read a book by G.M. Dobrova’s Science of Science, carried away by the ideas set forth in this monograph, and decided to translate it into Serbian so that scientists of Yugoslavia could become acquainted with a new scientific direction – science of science. Yu. Raikovich turned to G.M. Dobrov with a proposal to translate his book into Serbian. G.M. Dobrov accepted the offer, and correspondence ensued between them. Good knowledge of the Russian language and dedication to the subject of the monograph allowed us to do this work very quickly and efficiently. The book “Science of Science” (1966 edition) in Serbian was published in 1969 with a preface by G.M. Dobrov and Y. Raikovich. Collaboration made friends of these close-minded scientists. Yugoslav in 1970 for the first time arrived at the invitation of G.M. Dobrova at the Kiev international symposium and since then has become a regular participant in these scientific forums. The scientific interests of Yu. Raikovich were related to the science of science, which, in particular, includes questions of sociology and philosophy of science, problems of organization of scientific activity. He tried to popularize scientific research and develop it in Yugoslavia: he supported international contacts with scientists in every possible way, inviting them to give lectures at the University of Belgrade. Yu. Raikovich was a philanthropist who supported scientists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other countries in attending international conferences, symposia, and seminars in Yugoslavia. Both the Ukrainian and Serbian colleagues of Y. Raikovich retain a fond memory and good feelings about Y. Raikovich, and the journal Science and Science of Science publishes the recollections of some of them.

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