1 Vernadsky Nаtional Library of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2019, 4(106): 68-78

Section: Scientometrics
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: Advantages of modern intellectual library technology for optimization of content of the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» are substantiated. It is noted that modern web-sites constantly require updating of information, otherwise they cease to be relevant for the target audience, with the attention drawn to regular updating of web pages of the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova». The contribution of the intellectual library technology to organization of information search in the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» is considered. The regularities of improving the relevance of search of text documents with emphasis on semantic search are analyzed in order to expand the effective information services of the national abstracting system. It is proposed to use the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» for information support for advanced R&D fields. Methods for search for textual scientific documents are identified, search models are characterized, selection criteria are outlined, and semantic search is emphasized. Attention is paid to improving the search quality of text documents.

Conclusions. Semantic search in the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» by use of the context search function «find similar» is able to better satisfy the user needs for targeted search. It is determined that the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» meets all the requirements of information support for advanced R&D fields. It is established that the depth of semantic content of the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» has positive effect for ranking of the web-site of the Vernadsky Nаtional Library of Ukraine by Google Search engine. It is stated that the metadata of a publication refereed in the abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova» will appear on the first page when searched by Google, with obtaining a bibliometric portrait of the publication in Google Scholar.

Keywords: text document, search, relevance, semantic method, abstract database «Ukrayinika naukova».


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