Policy of antiplagiarism

Only original articles are to be accepted for printing by the editorial board of the scientific journal “Science and Science and Sciences”.

The authors submitting materials for publication in the journal are supposed to agree that the article is written by them and has never been published in other editions.

For all the materials received, the level of uniqueness of the authors’ text is to be determined prior to the review procedure using the appropriate software (AdvegoPlagiatus; eTXT).

The minimally acceptable level of text uniqueness is considered to be 75%. If plagiarism or text borrowings identified at the phase prior to publishing the article’s manuscript amount to 25% or less, the author(s) will be warned about the need to refine the text. If plagiarism exceeds 25%, an article will be declined and returned to the author(s) with the attached protocol of testing.

The forms of plagiarism include:

– Use (literal citation) of any material in any amount without specifying sources;
– Use of borrowed images, pictures, photos, tables, graphs, charts or any other form of graphical representation of information without a reference;
– Use of materials without written permission of the authors or copyright holders which prohibit to use of their materials without special approval.

The forms of incorrect borrowings include:

– Lack of graphic selection (in quotes) of a literally quoted text when the reference to a source is given;
– Incorrect reference to a source or its incomplete bibliographic description, which complicates its identification;
– A reference given does not pertain to the original source of the borrowed text, without clear indication to this fact (error in the source identification);
– Lack of references in the text to the sources indicated in the list of references;
– Excessive quoting (given the references to the sources and graphic selection of a quoted text) in the amount not justified by the article’s thematic coverage and objectives.

Whenever incorrect borrowings occur, all these cases will be subject to individual consideration.
In case of a proven fact of plagiarism in an already published article, the authors will be denied the right to publish in all the future issues of the journal, with the article’s text withdrawn from the archive of the official journal website and other sites of public display, for which the editorial board of “Science and Science of Science” journal is responsible.