Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2020, 3(109): 34-63

Section: Problems of science and technology potential
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: This study is important due the need in a retrospective analysis of domestic science and technology fields that are recipients of funds from the domestic business enterprise sector. The article’s objective is to identify the segments of the national science and technology system, which work is subject to the increased demand from domestic business in terms of its contribution in their financing. Official statistics data lay the basis for an analysis of the key resource parameters of the business enterprise sector, for an assessment of the retrospective dynamics of science and technology financing and the allocation of funds. The priority objects are identified by the Classification of Science and Technology Activities in 2006—2015, and by ministries and administrative departments in 2006—2018 using a set of gross, rate and unit indicators.  An analysis of science and technology financing by the business enterprise sector in the group of natural sciences demonstrates that its priorities over the period under study were works in the field of pharmaceutical sciences as a whole and preventive medicine, hygiene in particular. In the group of technical sciences, the priority demand from domestic business circles was shown by works associated with the military-industrial complex, aircraft and rocket and space technologies, works of defense and dual purpose in the field of radio engineering and telecommunications, geodesy and mineral exploitation. In the groups of social sciences and humanities priority objects are not found.  The trend of redistributing business sector’s funds for R&D in favor of organizations subordinated to the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”, the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine was formed. This change was driven by militarization of science and technology sector to meet vital defense needs of the state and gain profits from the international trade of armaments and related goods.    In fact, the demand of Ukrainian companies for science and technology products of domestic origin is reflected in the dynamics of funds coming from the domestic business enterprise sector to R&D performed by the sector of autonomous science and technology organizations. It is shown to be explicitly negative.

Keywords: science and technology activities, science system of Ukraine, research and development, financing, business enterprise sector, science and technology organizations, sector of autonomous organizations, unit costs, priority.


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