Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the Ukrainian National Academy of Law

Nauka naukozn. 2017, 2(96): 52-68

Section: Development of Science and Technology Potential
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The analytical capabilities, theory and methodology of the patent landscape are studied. An economic analysis of the additive technologies market is made by case of 3D printing. It is shown that the patent landscape as a strategic tool for innovation-driven development enables for finding out change in the size of patent portfolios of the main players at the 3D print market, distribution of published applications for inventions in this field by country of application, for 60 percent reduction in time spent on R&D and 40 percent reduction in R&D costs. Detailed account of 3D printing performance in Ukraine is given; statistical data on invention and patent activity in additive technologies in Ukraine are shown. It is concluded that the patent landscape is an effective tool for competitive intelligence, adoption of strategic decisions at inventor, corporation, industry or country level.

Keywords: additive technologies, inventive activity, patent landscape, 3D-printing, innovation-driven development.


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