About us

“Science and Science of Science” is an international scientific journal published by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
and Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine.


To publish original articles of domestic and foreign scientists on vital issues of developments in natural, technical, social sciences and humanities; to highlight problems underlying the public policy in science, technology and innovation, their status in the modern society, their role in economic and social development, national security, and ways for their solution; to review historic experiences of the science development in the domestic and global context, to introduce new knowledge about academic schools, outstanding sciences, science and technology priorities, to enhance the reputation of the researcher’s profession and promote the positive social attitude to the science.


  • Science and innovation-driven development of economy and society
  • Vital problems of the modern science
  • Development of science and technology potential
  • Scientometrics
  • Science and education
  • Dobrov readings
  • Foreign science. International science and technology cooperation
  • Science and technology history
  • Interviews
  • Jubilees and memorial dates
  • Ukrainian archives
  • Chronicles of scientific life
  • Reviews

The articles are published in Ukrainian, English
Periodicity – quarterly

The registration certificate: КВ № 21848-11748 ПР from January 22, 2016
Scope of distribution: national and foreign




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