1G.M. Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2017, 3(97): 3-22

Section: Science and Innovation-driven development of economy and society
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: By analyzing the science and innovation policy pattern and science & innovation tendencies in Ukraine, comparing the dynamics of Ukraine’s rank with the respective ranks of EU countries in Global Competitiveness Index of World Economic Forum (2007–2017), it is shown that throughout independence years the political power in Ukraine has failed to implement, in quick and effective manner, a historic chance for this country: to integrate efficiently in the global innovation pattern of economic development. It is demonstrated that given the contemporary challenges from the global economy and the periphery position of Ukraine in innovation terms, Ukraine does need to form a new paradigm for science & technology and innovation policy, to pursue its political and economic goals in geo-strategic dimension. This article is a follow up of the studies, in the monitoring context, of the peculiar features of mechanisms for Ukraine’s integration in science & innovation and socio-economic environment of the European Community

Keywords: innovation-driven development, investment attractiveness, science and innovation policy, socio-economic environment, Global Competitiveness Index, factor component, social potential of the innovation-driven development.


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