1 Publishing House “Akademperidyka”, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2022, 2(116): 83–102

Section: Scientometrics
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The article describes main issues related to the scientific publishing representation of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine virtual space actions in general and the formation of its publishing product segment in particular. The role of “Akademperiodyka” Publishing House as the basic organization of the Scientific and Publishing Council of NAS of Ukraine is enlightened. The relevance of this research is caused by the intensive spread of the new technologies and new challenges related to the development of the open science and Plan S initiatives that leads to the need for operative reaction to many problematic issues. Such reaction required the study of book publications provided by NAS of Ukraine during 2017—2021 by means of the source and bibliographic analyses. This provided the data on the distribution of scientific monographs into the publishers groups. The analytical instruments given by the Crossref platform were used to analyze the statistical indicators of NAS of Ukraine scientific journals that are integrated into the DOI indexing system. Moreover, the general journals of the Academy were considered separately. The impact of the content change on the Publishing House “Akademperiodyka” of NAS of Ukraine website traffic and other parameters is shown. The creation of the cross-linked specialized resources complex is introduced as an efficient strategy of drawing the attention to the particular aspects of the Academy publishing activity. The consultative activity and constant operative updating of the normative base are among them as well as legal support, informing on activities and new publications of NAS of Ukraine and its institutions. Recently all across the world questions of publishing websites and the entirety of the metadata representation in English and Ukrainian unification, the correct use of authors’ identifiers and other digital objects identifiers emerge. The paper reveals that in Ukraine these issues are not considered thoroughly. The experience and products of “Akademperiodyka” that were analyzed in the contribution emphasize the need for additional efforts to provide the correct attribution and linking of the publications with the scholars’ profiles, scientific institutions and financing programs and bodies. Moreover, this is needed to provide the possibility of scientific research on scientometrics and publishing activity in different fields and to support the organizational decisions in the field.

Keywords: scientific publishing, NAS of Ukraine, scientific publication website, “Akademperiodyka” Publishing House, scientific journal, scientometric database, digital identifiers, open access.


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