1Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2019, 2(104): 43-54

Section: The 90th Anniversary Gennady Dobrov
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The article’s objective is to make a retrospective analysis of the organization of the system for training of management staff in the Academy of Sciences of in the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (AS of UkrSSR) in the 1980s, to enhance the performance of research work. A review of science policy studies is given, with highlighting the contribution of G.M. Dobrov and his Kyiv scientific school. It is demonstrated that the situation in R&D called for the launch of studies on issues of organization of R&D management, R&D performance and competencies of R&D management staff. The need for practical implementation of their results raised the importance of scientifically grounded methodologies and organization of training for R&D managers. The role of the international project “International Comparative Study on Productivity of Research Units” (ICSOPRU) in investigating the problem of professional enhancement of managerial work in R&D is highlighted, with providing general data on this project. This project’s role was really great, as Kyiv international symposium, held in 1982 and devoted to the project results, was the starting point of the effort on organizing the system of training for R&D managers in the AS of UkrSSR: publications of the symposium participants of ICSOPR project, including the Ukrainian ones, was laid as the theoretical and methodological basis for system of training for R&D managers. The training contents and format was elaborated considering the peculiar target group of trainees, top managers of research institutions of the AS of UkrSSR.

The prerequisites for successful implementation of training for R&D managers are described. It is proved that the content, form and methods of training should take into account the specifics of R&D activity, the educational level of students and be based on a preliminary study of the specific situations of organization and management of research and development. The concepts of such training should include the adaptability of curricula, the engagement of participants in the training process, the use of interactive methods, short-term duration and the formation of feedback. Managerial training in R&D is a platform and research field for specialists in scientific policy, management and organization of scientific work.

Keywords: managerial qualification, training of staff, effectiveness of research units, introduction of scientific results, research and development, ICSOPRU project.


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