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1Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2021, 2(112): 3-28

Section: Dobrov readings
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: A review of reports made by participants of this year conference on science policy and science history studies “Dobrov Readings”, devoted to the thematic field “Scientific and Pedagogical Activities of G.M. Dobrov: Traditions Continued by His Successors” and dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the declaration on the independence of Ukraine. The presentations discussed science policy and science history issues with high degree of topicality for today: ways to preserve Dobrov’s traditions in training of young researchers,; spatial dimensions of the innovation-driven development; research performance in higher education establishments (HEEs), including HEE links with business enterprises; the involvement of researchers from Academy institutions in the education process in HEEs; the extension of channels for popularization of knowledge, including youth conferences on science and technology history and Internet, e. g. social networks; tools for online training; scientometric analysis of legal acts in Ukraine; tools for protection and practical use of copyrights in the science & technology sphere; trends in the scientific cooperation in Ukraine. It was pointed out that top-bottom reforming of the science system, especially the formal and bureaucratic reform of the system for research staff evaluation and awarding of scientific degrees, had been implemented in a way provoking its degradation rather than promoting its revitalization. Ill-conceived change in the statistical recording of science, technology and innovation activities, combined with the reduced number of indicators published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, do not allow for sound analysis of the ongoing processes.

The review of the participants’ contributions demonstrates that in addition to the traditional research problems, the following issues gained more weight in the thematic scope of the Institute’s research: young researchers and popularization of science, raising the prestige of researcher profession as the key to revival of the research staff of the Ukrainian R&D.

The conference recommendations, formulated on the basis of propositions spoken out by the participants of plenary session, are given.

Keywords: G.М. Dobrov, Dobrov readings, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, higher education establishment, university, popularization of science, young researcher, conference, research work, scientific knowledge, researcher, research and education activities.

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