Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the NAS of Ukraine

Nauka naukozn. 2020, 4(110): 110-129

Section: Science and technology history
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The article is devoted to the coverage of the scientific heritage of the outstanding scientist, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine S. Koniukhov in museum expositions. Several generations of strategic combat missile systems, launch vehicles and spacecraft have been developed under the guidance or with the direct participation of a scientist in the Yuzhnoye SDO.

The purpose of the research is to determine the peculiarities of popularization of scientific and project activity of the S. Koniukhov with the help of modern museum expositions. The article short reconstructs the evolution from the second half of the twentieth century to date, development and current state of museums, exhibitions, exhibition halls at branch enterprises, museum expositions at educational institutions and private collection funds on space topics. The source base of the study consists of reference books, scientific publications and official websites of space museums in Ukraine, as well as materials first received by the author personally from managers, employees, organizers or owners of 38 modern museums, museum collections, exhibitions and private collections. The current study use of general scientific, interdisciplinary and special historical of research, including analysis, synthesis, classification, problem-chronological, historical-genetic, comparative-historical, inter viewing, questionnaires and surveys.

The article shows the peculiarities of reflection in modern museum expositions of intellectual creative activity of S. Koniukhov and rocket and space technology, created by Yuzhnoye SDO under his leadership or with his direct participation. We have systematized and briefly covered the evolution of state museums, exhibitions, exhibition halls and museum expositions at industry enterprises and educational institutions, as well as private collection funds on space issues in Ukraine since the second half of the twentieth century. to date. The list of modern collections of rocket and space profile of Ukraine was added with the indication of their location and date of creation. It is established that as of April 2020, the history of the development of the domestic rocket and space industry is preserved and covered by 42 museums and expositions of Ukraine. It is substantiated that the historical portrait of the academician of the NAS of Ukraine S. Koniukhov, his role and place in the development of the domestic rocket and space industry are insufficiently covered in the studied collections.

Keywords: S. Koniukhov, museum, museum exposition, museum collection, history of science and technology, history of rocket and space technology, Yuzhnoye SDO, Ukraine.


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