National Agricultural Research Library of the National Academy, Ukrainе

Nauka naukozn. 2021, 4(114): 112—137

Section: Science and technology history
Language: Ukrainian
Abstract: The publication is devoted to the life and career of the Ukrainian biologist, Professor Victor Grygorovich Averin (1885—1955), who started to explore the fauna of Ukraine and neighboring countries in 1904, and since 1911 and on worked in the field of plant protection against pests, later combining this research with gamekeeping, nature protection, university teaching, etc. He gathered collections of vertebrates and invertebrates, which are stored in Ukrainian museums to this day.

The purpose of the publication is to highlight V.G. Averin’s activities with taking into account a number of little-known and hitherto unknown achievements of the scientist, and his contribution to the formation and development of plant protection from pests, gamekeeping, nature protection, zoological research of vertebrates and invertebrates in the first half of the twentieth century.

The source base for the study was personal files stored in the Central State Archive of Supreme Power and Administration Bodies of Ukraine, artchives of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Institute of Archival Studies of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and Kharkiv National Agrarian University; scientific publications on the history of biological research, more than 300 publications by V.G. Averin, as well as personal archival materials of zoologist and historian V.M. Grama. The methodological framework of the study is built on historical-biographical, historical-chronological, retrospective methods and source analysis.

The publication covers the life path and carrer of V.G. Averin, divided into six periods. Little-known events and scientific achievements of V.G. Averin, ignored during the totalitarian communist regime, are discussed. They include Averin’s cooperation with repressed biologists, his involvement in nature protection activities (such as active protection of the Askania-Nova Reserve from plowing) and in creating a gamekeeping laboratory, his long-standing research of the Lyman Lakes. It was found that the number of his scientific works was more than 500, instead of nearly 300, as was earlier believed. The works written by the scientist cover 13 topics and for the most part devoted to plant protection against pests.

Keywords: V.G. Averin, scientific achievements, plant protection, gamekeeping, nature protection, Kharkiv Agricultural Institute.


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